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Design, Supply and Installation of your new kitchen

Creating a workable, space creating and attractive kitchen layout takes some time and thought. Our kitchen fitter in Birmingham has planned out lots of new kitchens, small and large, and has developed a whole host of incredible tips and tricks to maximise your kitchens space and function. However big or small your kitchen budget is, if your kitchen layout is wrong, the money you invested in your home could very well end up being a complete waste for a variety of reasons.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in every home, it has to be attractive to look at, be laid out well and function perfectly. In addition, it has to be installed solidly and the goods have to be built to endure. We’ll work within the confines of your kitchen space and create the perfect plan.

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It’s entirely your choice how your kitchen is laid out

How you plan out your kitchen is ultimately, entirely up to you. It’s your money. You’ll want it to suit you, the way you live, your lifestyle, but one thing everyone does have in common is a desire for more workable space. Space in a kitchen is a valuable commodity. Computer Aided kitchen design plans show you both aerial views of how your kitchen would look, and they also show you high quality 3D imagery, displaying your wall units, worktop and base units, including appliances, so you get a true picture in your mind of how things will eventually end up once installed.

You may already have strong ideas about how your kitchen should be planned out having experience of using the existing kitchen layout yourself. Whatever your thoughts, we’re more than happy to listen to you and offer you tips and advice.

C&N offer a FREE kitchen planning service with every kitchen supply and installation, your kitchen will be planned out by an experienced kitchen planner who eats, sleeps and breathes new kitchens.

The 4 layouts

Typically, in Birmingham, people have one of the following 4 kitchen layouts.

Linear: A relatively snug environment requiring maximum space, tall kitchen units, provided the ceiling height allows for them, create extra space for cookware and utensils.

L-shaped: One of the more popular kitchen layouts that generally allows (dependent on window locations and size) plenty of room for wall units, base and corner storage, as well as adequate space for cooking and cleaning, and sometimes has potential for a kitchen Island set up.

Galley: Often requires a lot of thought, a snug space, usually lacking room for
adequate wall and base units, but solutions can be found to maximise available space and make it workable.

U-Shaped: Usually has plenty of room for working and storage. Options available to make it feel less enclosed and more workable.

Whatever your kitchen layout, we’re sure we can come up with a great design plan and help you refurbish the whole of your kitchen space so that you achieve everything that you wish to.