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If you are fed up of your old, inefficient, troublesome boiler costing you money with expensive one off boiler repair costs, that aren’t so ‘one off’, as well as energy wastage that comes from years of wear and tear and think that you would like to replace it for a new, reliable, ‘energy efficient‘ condensing combination boiler, give C&N Property Refurbishment a call for a chat about the boiler installation requirements in your Birmingham property and book your free quote to have your old boiler changed.

References available. Our boiler fitter covers the vast majority of Birmingham West Midlands. See the areas we cover here. To speak to our boiler fitter directly, call the number below. Alternatively, pop your details into the contact form and we’ll be in touch. Call 0121 663 1202

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Experienced in combi boiler fitting and replacement

As a smaller, Birmingham-based plumbing  and gas heating company we’re able to offer you a more personal, efficient and cost effective solution to your domestic heating requirements. With many years of experience in the supply and fitting of new boilers in Birmingham, you can put your trust in us to everything that we say we will and more. We’ve many happy customers.

As we do more than just supply and fit new boilers, we’re able to put comprehensive domestic installation knowledge to use on all of the work we do in peoples homes – we’re full of ideas and free advice.



Unlike some of the larger boiler fitting companies covering Birmingham West Midlands we offer a no obligation, zero pressure service. The person who assesses your proposed boiler change will be the same person who undertakes the work, so you needn’t worry about pushy salesmen desperate to earn a commission.


Keeping our overheads low helps us to keep our pricing structure realistic. We’ll assess your boiler project, its location within the property, the gas feed running to the boiler from the gas main, we’ll listen to your personal requests and produce a quotation, with a fixed price, to do all of the work that is required.


Which Boiler?

‘which boiler make and model should i go for?’ Over the years, we’ve encountered every variety of boiler make and have developed our own personal preference for changes, but we’re not tied to any particular boiler manufacturer which means we can supply and fit whichever boiler you would like us to. We’re happy to advise.

Need anything else while we’re there?

C&N started life as an electrical installation company, many years ago, what we don’t know about house rewiring isn’t worth knowing. Our electrician has rewired hundreds of houses in Birmingham.

But we didn’t just stop there, now supplying and installing new kitchens and bathrooms, including all of the work that is entailed, plastering, tiling, decoration, whether you need an electrician, a kitchen fitter in Birmingham, a bathroom fitter or a boiler expert, we can give you a FIXED PRICE to take care of your whole project.

You’ll also find, even though a boiler swap is carried out by a plumber / gas heating engineer, very often there’s issues with electrical supplies, either the existing supply is inadequate or elements of it are dangerous, such as a lack of bonding on the pipe work, or that the existing supply will be inadequate for the new boiler being installed. In a lot of cases, heating engineers are altering the electrics themselves when installing new boilers, after all, they’re there to install your new boiler, most probably aren’t competent enough to inform you of the exact issues and don’t want to suddenly say your electrics aren’t up to scratch mid installation. We do a thorough assessment of every project we take a look at, and safety is always our top priority. Benefit from employing professionals with a wealth of experience.

A full and proper boiler replacement and fitting service

Installing a new boiler so that it is safe (incredibly important) and installed to building regulations, as well as making sure that the installation meets the requirements of the boiler manufacturers warranty, is a task that requires an incredible amount of hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge. Our boiler fitter will ensure that you receive a thorough, proper boiler fit with a guarantee on our workmanship, the materials we supply and an installation that meets the boiler warranty specifications (Important). If there are ever any problems later on down the line, once we’ve gone, we’re only a phone call away. All boiler replacement quotations are completely free and there’s no call out charge.

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To discuss your boiler replacement plans call the numbers below or pop your details into the contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly. We also, fit full central heating systems, service boilers, repair boilers, convert heating systems. All of our gas heating and plumbing works are carried out by experienced engineers. All work is guaranteed and certified. If there’s ever a problem once we’ve gone, we’re only a phone call away. Discounts available for all large projects.

Call 0121 663 1202.

Call 0121 663 1202 or, alternatively, tell us a little about your plans below.

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