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Have a question? We have a few frequently asked questions on this page below. If you are unsure or have any questions of your own about our products or services, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0121 663 1202 for a friendly chat.

Are you insured?

Yes, C&N Property Refurbishment is insured with Direct Line. Our public liability insurance ensures that in a worst-case scenario, should something go wrong, you and your property are covered against financial loss. Only employ insured tradesmen, failure to do so leaves you and your property exposed to a wide variety of negative consequences.

Will you fit the kitchen that i have bought?


Currently, C&N Property Refurbishment only fit kitchens that we have supplied.

Why? Having a new kitchen installed is one of the more extensive projects that you will undertake as a property owner. In order for the kitchen to end up looking immaculate it is important that our kitchen fitter in Birmingham oversees every step of the process, right down to selecting the types of kitchen cabinetry that best suit the dimensions of your kitchen space, as well as having the chance to make alterations to the kitchen space prior to finalising the types of carcasses, ensuring the kitchen REALLY DOES look its best.

That’s why we fully refurbish kitchens, to make sure the room is fully prepped, ready for the new kitchen to arrive and be installed with no hiccups. Everything will be straight, symmetrical, have crisp lines. The tiling will be perfect, the sockets and spurs, switches and lighting, will be exactly where they should be.

The alternative is spending thousands on a flimsy flat pack kitchen and getting the flat pack to best suit the existing shape of your kitchen. Nine times out of ten, it’s the wrong approach.

There really is no point going out and buying your own kitchen and then seeking someone to install it for you when they have to fit it to your dimensions and specs which, in our experience, are seldom well thought out, limiting the chance of the end result looking like it should do, greatly.

There are a ton of considerations that need to be taken into account when having a new kitchen fitted, your typical kitchen planner in B&Q or IKEA and similar flat pack kitchen providers do not put in the desired thought required due to the lack of time that they can give you alongside their lack of knowledge and competence. If you were an expert in kitchens, would you work in B&Q?

If you don’t quite have the budget to have your old kitchen fully refurbished by experts, and want a kitchen that looks nice, the best advice that we can give to you is… wait for a little and save up some more money so that you can get a quality kitchen that isn’t fitted into a room that has walls shaped like bananas with dodgy electrics and uneven wall tiling.

Get a rigid, pre-assembled kitchen installed into a perfect room, fully prepped, and enjoy the pleasures of a proper kitchen that is joyful to inhabit.

Do you do insurance work?

From time to time we undertake insurance work. Whether you are an estate agent managing a property for a client or a homeowner who needs to find a contractor for your refurbishment project, by all means, get in touch on 0121 663 1202 for a friendly chat about your requirements.

Who are you?

C&N is family run business servicing Birmingham West Midlands. We’re a team of local, skilled and VERY experienced tradesmen who have worked in thousands of houses all over the West Midlands.

Get a quote from C&N and then compare our approach to your project with other people’s and you’ll very quickly see that we really do not just only know what we’re doing, but also have a keen interest in making sure that you get what you want and need. That can only come from having over 30 years of experience.

Is your work done to building regulations?

Yes, all of the work we do for you on your property will fall in line with current building regulation stipulations. Where required, your work will always be certified.

Do you guarantee your workmanship?

We always guarantee our work.

Once we have left you in peace, if you notice anything wrong (which is incredibly rare) or find a fault on something that has been installed, we’re only a phone call away and will be with you the very next day, or at your earliest convenience, to put it right.

Workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years and any products that we supply and install for you are also covered by lengthy guarantees alongside a free kitchen appliance repair service.

We always do a full and proper job, at an affordable price.


What people have said about us...

Our property renovation service covering Birmingham

“I first used Chris over 20 years ago, and after moving house and stumbling across C&N online low and behold it was Chris who turned up again. I was very happy with his work back then and incredibly happy with my brand new kitchen and bathroom. Have recommended to friends who’ve also had work done and been very happy.”


Northfield, Birmingham

“I needed a company to completely modernise my kitchen and dining room space after having been let down by many people when trying to organise it all myself. The father in law did the decorating for us after they’d gone and he was most impressed with the plasterers skimming. Nice guys have since recommended .”


West Bromwich

“It started with a leaky toilet and I eventually decided on a full renovation. It’s only a small one bed flat, space was incredibly tight, they coped well and all throughout the job I was impressed with the craftsmanship. According to friends I’m now living in ‘one of those posh hotels."


Gravelly, Erdington

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