Most people know very little about the inner workings of their property and they can feel a little daunted when dealing with tradesmen for a number of reasons, including, but by no means limited to, struggling to understand what on earth it is they are saying to you. Part two of our series on house rewiring is about pendants. Not the things you wear around your neck, the things electricians screw to your ceiling when you’re having your house rewired.

When you get a quote from an electrician, unless you have specified otherwise, they will give you a quote to supply your new electrical sockets, lights and switches. The lighting that is supplied, unless you have requested or specified otherwise, is white plastic, and this will be the same case with your switches and sockets. These are basic, relatively cheap products helping your electrician give you a price that doesn’t leave you feeling like you need to remortgage. They may be cheap in terms of price but they still do the job perfectly well and rarely develop problems in the short to medium term.

The above picture is a pendant in the flesh. As you can see the old light fitting taken down was bigger, this revealed an old paint layer and left some screw holes, that’s an example of some of what you can expect in terms of redecoration. If your electrician is nice they will sometimes patch in holes left by your old installation, fill in old sockets and patch up holes in the ceiling with some browning (a thick backing plaster that you can get a plasterer to skim over, or if the damage is over a small space you may be able to fill over it with some decorators filler and sand it flat).

Pendants are a cheap and cheerful way of lighting your rooms,  but they can be pimped up with a nice light shade. Each pendant will have a cable running from your switch in the same room and be linked into other pendants in other rooms. The cables get there via the loft space and get pushed through the ceiling for the upstairs lights,  cables also get run through your upstairs floor boards to reach the downstairs lights. This requires flooring to be lifted to gain access to the floor boards, then the boards to be lifted and holes will then be drilled into the wooden joists under the floor boards to thread the cables through to their desired location.

Having your house rewired is a pretty invasive project, it can be undertaken perfectly fine in either a vacant or lived in property but you may experience a fair amount of dust which is unfortunately part and parcel of such works. So if you don’t like dust, the sound of hammering , drilling and chiseling of bricks,  you may want to hand your electrician a set of keys and take a holiday for a week. If you live in Birmingham and would like to get a FREE quote off an experienced electrician in Birmingham, get in touch on 0121 663 1202 and book your free rewiring consultation.

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