Modern Slavery Statement

C&N Property Refurbishment is a Birmingham based home improvement company providing a plethora of domestic installation services including, but not limited to, kitchen fitting, bathroom installation, house rewiring, and central heating works.

We are serious about our reputation because it’s part of our identity and so is our commitment to social responsibility. We believe transparency is the best way we can ensure the public that we are doing our best as an ethical local business. In that spirit, we publish our statement for slavery and human trafficking, made in compliance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, in which we explain how slavery and human trafficking can affect our business and the steps we are taking in the fight against it.

This statement is intended to fulfill the legal requirement for slavery and human trafficking statement on behalf of C and N Property Refurbishment, as relevant.

C&N Property Refurbishment is based in Bearwood, Birmingham West Midlands, and sells its services throughout the local area.

Our services also entail the supply of products. We source our products from UK businesses, who in turn have their own statements in which they detail the precautions they themselves take to stamp out unethical trading practices. Where possible, we engage suppliers who have relationships with existing suppliers so that we can contain our supplier network and improve consistency in ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

Any contractors who work on behalf of C&N Property Refurbishment are paid the market rates, which are frequently checked as part of our own social responsibility.

C&N Property Refurbishment will never knowingly source products or services from areas that fall foul of Modern Slavery Regulations.

Where C&N is directly responsible, any contractors that work on behalf of C&N Property Refurbishment are subject to our own internal gauging which includes a variety of different methods all based around ethics, and therefore suitability, and will always be treated fairly by ensuring that they are paid at least, or higher than, the going rate for the service or product that they are providing for us.

We identify the supply of labour to be one of the highest areas in which unethical practices could take place and as mentioned earlier, use our own methods of assessment to ensure that we never enlist services from people who contribute to modern slavery and the exploitation of human rights and human trafficking.

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