With Christmas roughly 7 weeks away, now is the time to take care of those final property renovation projects you’ve been putting off all year long.

Who wouldn’t love to spend time with their family in a nicely refurbished property, with freshly painted walls, or cook Christmas dinner in a brand spanking new kitchen?

But wait, how will it get finished in time?

Home improvement projects really don’t take as long as some people think. You could have your whole property renovated in as little as 5 weeks, giving you two spare weeks to grab those 10-year-old Christmas decorations out of the loft and slather tinsel everywhere.

1/ How long does it take to have a new kitchen fitted?

Having a new kitchen fitted shouldn’t be a complicated process, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks for people to fit you in and get back to you, you shouldn’t have to pay the full cost of your kitchen upfront and wait five weeks for it to get delivered.

Get in touch with C&N Property Refurbishment on 0121 663 1202 and speak directly to our kitchen fitter in Birmingham. Arrange a time for us to take a look at your kitchen and once we have we’ll get back to you with a price for us to take care of your whole project, including plumbing, gas, electrical works, flooring, and even painting.

Our kitchen supplier in Birmingham holds their quality kitchen products in stock, so we can get the kitchen delivered within days of us starting your project.

Time: You could have your whole kitchen refurbished in as little as 2 weeks!

2/ I want to spend my Christmas Holiday’s soaking myself in a new bathtub, how long will it take?

Just like our kitchen supplier, our bathroom suppliers hold their products in stock, this means once we have started working on your new bathroom we can go and pick up your new bathtub, sink, toilet, shower etc whenever it suits, helping us to maintain a fast and efficient bathroom fitting service, at a price that won’t break the bank.

Time: You could have your new bathroom completely refurbished within 2 weeks!

3/ I don’t want my dodgy old electrics to keep blowing my Christmas Tree lights up, how long will it take?

Having rewired thousands of houses all over the West Midlands, and with over 30 years of electrical experience, you could have your house in Birmingham fully rewired in as little as six days!.

What’s included? Your whole home will be rewired, new cables to every socket, switch, spur, a new consumer unit (mains box). We’ll even patch up any holes left from the old installation.

Time: 6days.

4/ I don’t want to sit in my home, perpetually cold, because my 10-year-old boiler is falling to pieces, how long will it take to get sorted?

If it’s a simple boiler change, it could be supplied and fitted in as little as a day.

If it’s a more complicated boiler replacement, it can sometimes run into two days.

If your radiators are very old and you wish to have your brand new boiler piped up to a bunch of brand new radiators (recommended) it will take between four and six days.

Time: A simple boiler swap will take one day. A more complicated boiler change will often take two days. A full central heating system will take between four and six days.

5/ I’m sick of living in my old house I want to rip out most of it, or even all of it, and start again, how long will it take?

If you need some, or all of your home in Birmingham refurbished, a new kitchen, bathroom, rewire, central heating works, plastering, painting, flooring, you still have plenty of time before Christmas to get it taken care of.

If you can act fast, you could have all of the above works and more completed in as little as 6 weeks.

Time: 6 weeks.

And there you have it!

If you’ve been worried that you’ve left things too late, fear not, C&N Property Refurbishment is here and ready to help you get your home sorted for Christmas with plenty of time to spare!.

To arrange your FREE quotation, give us a Call on 0121 663 1202 and speak directly to a tradesman in Birmingham with over 30 years of experience working in and out of people’s homes.

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